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Efficiency and expertise

Military / IMDG Cargo

Extensive experience with Military, IMO Class 1 Explosive & Dangerous cargos:

Chrismare Shipping possesses extensive experience and expertise in handling Military and explosive cargoes, among which IMO Class 1 Explosive & Dangerous cargos, making us a preferred choice for organisations with stringent security and safety requirements.

The transportation of such sensitive cargo demands the highest levels of precision, security protocols and compliance with International regulations for IMO Class 1 IMDG Code.

The shipping of IMO Class 1 and military cargo is performed by company operated & chartered vessels.

Chrismare Shipping Ltd has gathered substantial experience in navigating vessels under their management via Suez, Panama, Turkish Straits & Gulf of Aden with sensitive military equipment & IMO class 1 on board. These strategic waterways pose unique challenges due to their geopolitical significance and rigorous regulatory frameworks. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with the relevant authorities in each of those regions, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure seamless transits. Our commitment to compliance with International Maritime regulations, coupled with understanding of the strict security measures and inspection procedures in place, has allowed us to consistently navigate these passages safely and efficiently.